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The same thing our government would do if they were in the aliens position.

Please read my closest sighting and you will see what I saw was definitely alien.

Please check back for future updates and new videos.

Remember if you skim through the website with a skeptic view well obviously that is all you will find.

This website is still number one in all the search engines.] [Update 2/2/12][ This website got record number of hits of 16,946 for the month of January.

[Update 6/5/12]This website received an all time record number of 19,904 hits in May. [Update 5/2/12]This website received an all time record number of 18,372 hits in April. [Update 4/2/12][This website got record number of hits of 17,005 for the month of March.

Yahoo search # 1, MSN search #1, Google search #2] [Update 9/2/2011][Flight tower recording of the Chicago O'hare Airport alien spaceship sighting.

][ [Update Nov 29 10]My statement on the new claims that is everywhere that all the UFOs sighted are government made.

All the videos get right to the important things each one a piece to the puzzle, that will bring a clear picture of what is going on when the puzzle is completed.

For the websites high number of traffic and receiving great reviews for over a year strait is what got Alienspaceshipidentified that award.

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