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Alex Danvers begins to suspect her own lesbianism and comes out to Maggie, wanting to pursue a relationship with her. He is in love with one of his friends, Pol, with whom he made out in a party.Bruno left on Season 2 to begin a new life in Rome. The sexuality of Pol has been questioned as he made out with Bruno in a party claiming that "You have to try everything".

While Tyrell does not specifically identify with a certain sexuality, he has had sex with both men and women, though usually only to further his personal agenda.In 2x05, it is revealed Pottinger attended the same boarding school as Amanda's ex-fiance Connor Lang, and had an unrequited crush on him.Several other minor sex worker characters (Tirra, Deirdre, Gorath) are mentioned to have both male and female clients.Assistant Director Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) is dating Sofia Varma (Sarita Choundhury) until they have an argument and Sofia commits suicide. She left him because she had fallen in love with a woman. He and Sebastian begin having feelings for each other, despite Sebastian's attempt to hide his feelings.After quite a while, Mayfair meets Alexandra (Eisa Davis) and they are interested in each other. She is based on a character from the comics who was male. They go on to admit their feelings for one another, but Chanel #3 tells Sam that they will only ever be friends.

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At the end of the second season Tyrell confesses that he is in love with Elliot.

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