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Interestingly, Skrill Dilly, who appears on VH1’s claims he’s not even dating Nia.

The pic stars Idina Menzel and Nia Long in the respective roles played by Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey in the 1988 feature.Of course, Nia Long probably meant the whole thing as a joke and the internet just rolled with the idea, taking it much further than she probably thought they would. Cole are happy in their current relationships and there’s no way they’d risk for just a hook-up. Beauty and business sense are a powerful combination when it comes to show biz and apparently, Nia Long was blessed with both. If you set an example, your child will understand the value in every relationship. She is currently raising two young boys, preparing for the debut of her new WE tv series, “The Divide,” and promoting the fragrance.So I’m starting Bar One." Unfortunately, Bar ONE closed in its original location in Atlanta, but there are plans to open it back up in Spring 2016, so stay tuned. The book, which was released in 2013, tells the story of their relationship up to that point, but we think Cynthia and Peter could totally fill another book with all of the deets of their roller coaster ride of a marriage since then.Relive Cynthia and Peter's wedding by checking out the lovely pics, below.

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