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Frankel refrains (sort of) from blatantly stating on air that Dorinda Medley is a cocaine user. When Cohen asks the ladies to raise their hands if they think Frankel copied her hairstyle no one raises their hands.

Medley wants the chance to defend herself but all the other women are shifting nervously in their chair and Frankel is saying, “next question please! De Lesseps says it’s because they’re afraid of Frankel but she isn’t.

The Countess and Frankel have some bad blood that’s travelled from the Berkshires to Miami and back to New York City again.

There’s only so long Frankel will remain on the defensive before she goes on the attack and she went “Full B” on this episode.

Technically, that is true, as Dennis' divorce hasn't been finalized. Bethenny is upset that the countess said she started dating Dennis when he still had a chance to reconcile with his wife. Earlier in the season, Bethenny called Lu Ann a "hypocrite" and "a slut." And in the finale, Lu Ann lashed out at Bethenny for the way she handled the Tom D'Agostino cheating rumors.

The countess was upset that Bethenny dug into the details of the alleged affair.

Carole Radziwill, wearing a dress made out of old chiffon curtains, comes to Frankel’s defense at every turn.

At one point she mutters “bitch” just slightly under her breath like a side-kick should.

While Frankel attacked the newly engaged Luann de Lesseps for dating a man that co-star Ramona Singer had also went out with, Lesseps shot back at the claims, telling E!

Lu Ann also wondered why Bethenny told some of the other Housewives about Tom's kiss first.

appearance this week, Bethenny said, "If I didn’t have a business, I would have grabbed Lu Ann by the throat. I wouldn’t have minded strangling her." BETHENNY'S DIVORCE BATTLE IS FINALLY OVER!

I'm the one getting married, I'm engaged, and Bethenny's still trying to get a divorce.""You know, it was in the Daily Mail...she's dating married men, not me," she continued. Frankel echoed the statement days earlier when Lesseps first accused her of dating a married man to E!

While her official divorce from her estranged husband Jason Hoppy is still ongoing, Frankel recently took to Twitter to offer a clear explanation of her relationship status.

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