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And it’s not that she is living it through her husband’s eyes. but there’s so much more in the “black-ish” experience. But the story had already been broken so none of that went in.

And that in and of itself, offers the contrast that makes the comedy.

The show really has found a remarkable way to strike that balance — to talk about issues while still being a “comedy.” A lot of it has to do with the connection in the writers room and the specificity of the story that they’re telling.

The more truthful and specific that you get, the more universal it becomes.

It’s the future of what a show like ours offers because all of the characters are so strong and clear and interesting that it means that stories could be told through any of the characters’ eyes.

The storyline and premise of the show is through Dre’s eyes but it’s a testament to the writers that they have continued to develop these interesting characters in all of us.

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  1. Its second document was The People’s Charter, in which the party strove to separate itself from the transitory political assemblages which had thus far been the norm in Trinidadian politics.