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Update cards are available for selected GPSMAP and echo MAP ranges, and these generally cost around 50% of the cost of the equivalent new charts.Discounted updates You can update your existing pre-programmed Blue Chart g2 and Blue Chart g2 Vision micro SD/SD card for a discounted price.You’ll need Navionics or Platinum (see above) and a Navionics Boating app on your i Pad or i Phone.You can then sync chart updates and upload any sonar logs to Navionics’ servers.Updated charts are for the same (or equivalent) region as the original purchase.

That’s all very well, but few people go to sea these days without electronic charts on board.There’s even more need to update electronic charts than paper charts, especially as chart plotters display your position to a few metres on the chart and people sneak ever closer to obstructions, believing their charts and position to be accurate to the nearest centimetre.But unlike paper charts, you can’t simply draw on the electronic versions. Digital charts are available in a variety of formats and with hugely varying levels of complexity and price. You can just buy a new chart each time, but this can work out to be extremely expensive, so it’s worth putting in some time to research the options which are open to you.A Blue Chart g2 discounted update costs £49.99, while Blue Chart g2 Vision discounted updates cost £94.99 – regardless of size.Older charts Garmin say that their older charts on cartridge-type flash cards (called Traditional Blue Chart) will be discontinued as of December 2014 (these stopped being supplied with new plotters in 2008).

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i Pad and Android apps offer the same cartography as plotters but at a much lower price, but it can be very difficult to find out how often and how to update the cartography for chart apps – often ‘updates’ only update the software and not the cartography.

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