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The ushering in of spring on Tuesday may have gone unnoticed due to the lack of a proper winter in many regions of the US, but it is here, nonetheless!

And with the change in seasons comes longer days, outdoor dining, blooming flowers, and an opportunity to renew and refresh your space.

Q: When remodeling my house, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on updates that don’t actually increase my home value.

How do I know how much is a smart amount amount to invest, and when I would be going overboard?

Your home wireless network doesn’t have to be slow and hard to manage.

WSJ’s Joanna Stern takes a look at the latest Wi-Fi routers,and offers tips for making the most out of your broadband connection. Every time I have to reboot my wireless router, I cross my fingers and hope nothing will go wrong.

Is there a room or seating arrangement that seems to be neglected and rarely utilized?

I especially love the Waterworks Studio collection of Turkish cotton towels in crisp white or an array of Spring shades. My favorite sheets are by Thomas Lee, a maker of crisp, smooth sheets in 100% Pima cotton and a sturdy 500 thread count.

My bed above is outfitted in pure white; queen set, 9. It's been said time and time again — Nothing gives a space a more dramatic update than a fresh coat of paint. I'm a slave to all white walls, and wouldn't change a thing, but if you're more daring, try out small swatches of sunny, bright Spring shades on your wall before committing to the whole room.

Perhaps it's because it isn't welcoming and needs to be opened up to invite guests to enter and sit.

I used to have my living room configured in a way that, to me, looked great and ordered, with a couch and two chairs aligned around a coffee table. Once I moved the chair with its back to the entry and opened up the passage to the couch, it created an open and inviting "guide" to the couch and the opposite chair, and became a much used and loved room.

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