Updating dates in an update query

In the beginning of an update stage, it contains the issue net requirements to be covered, during a coverage phase it contain mixture of covered issue net requirements, covering receipt net requirements and uncovered issue net requirements to be covered.

So, here what’s the data propagation chain is: When user changes a logistics document, changed data are propagated to invent Trans; Then in the end of transaction changed data are propagated to invent Sum Log TTS; Then, finally, recorded changes are propagated to Net Requirements data (req Trans).In case of Item MRP, this item is defined by current content of Requirements Profile form; In case of Full MRP, these items are defined by query parameters in dialog box which is popping up in beginning of MRP process Simplest scenario: Regeneration of static plan Before we proceed with our discussion any further, I want to discuss the simplest scenario of MRP: Regeneration of static plan.If we are running MRP in regeneration mode, here is what happens: have all items in the system) can result in perfect plan.I wrote this text mostly from my experience with Dynamics AX 2009.In the new version (DAX2012) approach remained the same from functional point of view, only technical details changed, so this information can be useful also for people using DAX2012.

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