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Given the branching nature of dating sims as a whole, and the effort that a game with fourteen love interests will take to program, it just isn’t feasible.

No animal or monster customization for the player yet, we don’t have the budget for that yet and probably not for awhile.

The mystery suitors answer the contestant’s questions from behind a wall, and then the contestant picks one of them for a date. Ichigo asks: I’m a student, and I do volunteer work saving the world. Suitor #1: I will help you see that romance isn’t a choice, it is a necessity! And now I think I know what our first date should be! Between that and being a full-time student, things haven’t been easy or fun for me. Our darling project is still underway, and the writing team and I are looking forward to the soon-to-be days when we can be writing our little hearts out! I’m so glad to hear that you’re hyped for the game–so is the whole team so far!Your support still means a lot to us, so don’t be afraid to send in any questions you might have! In regards to your questions:1) Very likely not, unfortunately.While I do wish I’d been able to get further, it’s been a rough semester for me. I’m terribly sorry, first of all, for having taken so long to get to your question.Unfortunately, I recently had to be relocated just before finals in order for my safety to be preserved. 3) Are you going to release the game when it's fully complete, or are you planning on a kick start of some sort? This semester has been a rough one for me, but I hope you know this project is not dead, not by any means!

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