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In 2013 full Moons fall (reckoned by Universal Time) on June 23rd, July 22nd, August 21st, and September 19th.

That's four occurrences between June's solstice and September's equinox.

Pederson gives the tour while on a hover board and there is even an appearance from Joc's older brother, Champ.

The brothers sport their "Live Like a Champ" merchandise that benefits the Best Buddies foundation.

According to modern folklore, a Blue Moon is the second full Moon in a calendar month.

Pretty stylish digs for the young trio that have been bright spots in the Dodger lineup this season.

So, like a round of celestial musical chairs, August's is the misfit and hence a "Blue Moon." But in a 1946 article, amateur astronomer James Hugh Pruett (1886–1955) made an incorrect assumption about how these extra orbs are handled.

That's where the two-full-Moons-in-a-month notion got started.

That's the definition that we often hear in the news these days.

For example, there were two full Moons in August 2012.

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Conceivably the phrase "once in a blue Moon" derived from those truly rare times when the Moon takes on a pale blue tint due to atmospheric effects (such as high-altitude ash from a volcanic eruption).

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