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My face, hair and more than average body I want start as friends, go too many places that I never been, go I am a loving, caring and compassionate person. I want man that I can grow old with he's Hi Let me see, what can I say about myself?This is not easy for me, so I think it is best that you contact me and ask.You gave me dirty looks looks of disgust -- said mean things to me at times about my appearance walked out on me & lied to me.I remember one day my mom said "he actually thinks you can have a baby & not get fat." I gained 10 to 15 lbs more that I should have with Sydney.I just don't see how that compares to infidelity, wife beating verbal abuse -- I just don't think everybody goes through this -- And if I wanted to hurt you or had it in me to be anything like the person you are -- I would have done so after the (illegible) incident. I called the cops to save my life whether you believe it or not. It made me take a look at my life with you -- my wonderful life with the superstar that wonderful man, O. Simpson the father of my kids -- that husband of that terribly insecure (illegible) -- the girl with no self esteem (illegible) of worth -- she must be (illegible) those things to with a guy like that. Simpson guy brought me alot of pain heatache -- I tried so hard with him -- I wanted so to be a good wife. But I didn't pursue anything after that -- I didn't prosecute, I didn't call the press & I didn't make a big charade out of it. It certainly doesn't take a strong person to be with a guy like that and certainly no one would be envious of that life. I've battled 10 lbs up & down the scale since I was 15 -- It was no more X-tra weight than was normal for me to be up -- I believe my mom -- you thought a baby weighs 7 lbs & the woman should gain 7 lbs.

This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.It's one of the 1st 10 things I learned at Sunday school. I believed you that it would finally be "you & me against the world" -- that people would be envious or in awe of us because we stuck through it & finally became one a real couple.You said it (illegible) some things you learn at school stick! I let my guard down -- I thought it was finally gonna be you & me -- you wanted a baby (so you said) & I wanted a baby -- then with each pound you were terrible.Text of undated letter from Nicole Brown Simpson to O. OK before the marriage I lived with it & dealt with (illegible) mainly because you finally said that we weren't married at the time. I know this took place because we fought about it alot & even discussed it before we got married with my family & a minister.

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All the things I gave in to -- all the "I'm sorry for thinking that" "I'm sorry for not believing you" -- "I'm sorry for not trusting you." I made up with you all the time & even took the blame many times for your cheating.

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