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* Tidy up logged messages if ipset initialisation fails. We only need to read 2 MII registers, and not 32 as was previously being done.

* Don't execute a script if setuid or setgid fails.Option --enable-force-conversion-checks adds -Dconversion even if the compiler throws up known false warnings. There is also some optimisation of the code, so that netmask is not set (since it isn't used by the kernel), and the port is set once only, before the loop through the addresses. * Add promote_secondaries keyword for vrrp_instance block.If two IPv4 VIP addresses are in the same CIDR, and the primary address is removed, then by default any other address in the same CIDR is also removed.This was suggested in the comment of commit 849615d and is clearly the right (secure) thing to do.* If a script doesn't have a '/' in the name, search PATH for it.

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