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-rating- PG-13ish -notes- I wasn't happy with how this came out, but I wrote it in like 15 minutes so... » The Letter -author- Kate J -recommended by- N/A -type- Angsty Romance -summary- Harry wakes up from a bad dream in the summer after 5th year and, in a quick and rushed manner, writes Hermione a letter telling her anything and everything, not caring how crazy he sounds because he just wants to get it out before he loses his nerve.

» Taste -author- Kate J (me) -recommended by- N/A -type- Humor, drama -summary- Harry and Hermione prove talking is overrated.

-rating- R, NC-17 -notes- My very first fanfic ever.

AU (T) To Be A Fool (Ao3) To Be The Friction In Your Jeans (LJ) To Be There (Ao3) To Infinity And Beyond (Ao3) To Live On The Moon With You (Ao3) ★ To Make Sinking Stone Fly (Ao3) To See The Headmaster (T) To Slow Down The Time (LJ) To The End Of The Earth And Back (T) To Thine Own Self Be True (Ao3) To The Sea - Titantic Inspired One Shot (T) Today And Everyday (Ao3) Together in Electric Dreams (Ao3) Too Colourful To Conceal (Ao3) Too Little Too Late Isn’t That Just Great (Ao3) Toska (Ao3) Touching (Ao3) Three’s A Crowd, But Five’s A Family (T) Tricking And Treats (Ao3) Truly, Madly, Deeply (10 Things I Hate About You) (Ao3) Tummy Feels (T) Turn Any Corner, There’s Something New (Ao3) Turn Around, Valentine, Walk Your Pretty Walk (Ao3) Turning From Praise (T) ★ Tweethearts (T) Twenty Minutes (T) ★ Twisted (W) Twisting The Kaleidoscope Behind Both Of My Eyes (Ao3) Twist A Little Closer, Now (Ao3) Twitcam (T) Two Hearts Drawn Together (Ao3) Two Sugars, No Cream (Ao3)Uncommon Sanction (W) ★ Under The Sheets (Ao3) Undefined (Ao3) Undressed (Ao3) Under The Same Sun (Ao3) Uniquely Perfect (W) ★ Unknown, Unlabeled, Untitled (Ao3) Unspoken (T) Until I Found Your Hands (Ao3) ★ Until You Can’t (Ao3) Untitled (Ao3) Untitled (T) Up and Down The Dial (Ao3) Up, Up And Away (I Will Take You With Me) (Ao3) Unknown Unlabeled Untitled (Ao3) Up To The Hills (Ao3)Wait Until Tomorrow (T) Waited My Whole Life For This One Night (Ao3) ★ Wake Me Up (T) Wake Me Up (T) Wake Up To You (T) Waking Up In Vegas (Ao3) Want It All The Time, Need It Everyday (Ao3) Want U Back (T) Warm You Up (Ao3) ★ Wasted (Ao3) Wasted (T) Watch Me Fall Apart (T) Watch The Sun (It Paints An Orange Sky) (Ao3) Watching (T) Ways To Say I Love You (Ao3) Wear It Like A Crown (Ao3) ★ We Are Honey And The Bee (Ao3) We Are The Reckless, We Are The Wild Youth (Ao3) We Could Be A Story In The Morning (But We’ll Be A Legend Tonight) (Ao3) We Could Be Happy Forever And After (Ao3) We Grew Up Together, and We’re Gonna Last Forever (Ao3) ★ We Had A Good Run (Ao3) We Kissed Like We Invented It (Ao3) We Have Until The End Of Our Lives, I Believe (Ao3) We Might Fall (Ao3) We Rest Our Heads Upon One Pillow (Ao3) We Should Get Jerseys (Ao3) ★ We Took the Slow Way (Ao3) ★ We Were Just like Glue (Ao3) ★ We Will Find A Way (Ao3) We’ll Be A Dream (LJ) ★ We’ll Play Hide And Seek To Turn This Around (Give Me Love Like Never Before) (Ao3) ★ We’ll Take The Trail Marked On Your Father’s Map (Ao3) We’re All Just Breakable, Breakable, Breakable Boys (T) ★ We’re All Stars Now (Ao3) ★ We’re Falling Skyward (Ao3) We’re Feeling Like Gold (Ao3) We’re Gonna Conquer Dragons (Ao3) We’re Looking For Something Dumb To Do (Ao3) We’re Ok Now (T) We’re Only Watching The Skies (LJ) We’re Only Watching The Skies (Ao3) ★ We’ve Come a Long Way (T) We’ve Got Nothing To Lose (Ao3) Web Of Lies (T) ★ Weird Honey (Ao3) Welcome To The Jungle (T) Well This Could Almost Kill Me (T) Wendy (Ao3) What’s That, Daddy? (T) What Doesn’t Kill Me Doesn’t Make Me Stronger (Ao3) What Good Are The Stars Above (Ao3) ★ Whatever A Sun Will Always Sing (T) ★ Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (T) ★ Whatever You Like (Ao3) When A Stranger Calls (Ao3) When I Feel That Something (LJ) When You Stood There, Just a Heartbeat Away (Ao3) When You Wake Me Up (Ao3) Where is Your Boy Tonight?

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Sebastian’s School For Boys (Ao3) Stuck in Reverse (Ao3) Stuck in Traffic (T) Stupidly In Love (T) Stutter (W) Subscribed To You (Ao3) Such a Good Boy (Ao3) Sugar Never Tasted So Good (Ao3) Sunshine (Ao3) Sunshine Sugar Baby (T) Sun-Kissed Hurricane, Perfect Storm (Ao3) Surrender To The Afterglow (Ao3) ★ Sweet Agony (W) (Ao3) Sweet On You (Ao3) Switching Keys (Ao3)Take Good Care Of Him (Ao3) Take It All With My Love (T) Take Me Down (T) Take My Hand For We Shall Walk This Road Together Till We Reach The End (Ao3) Take Off Your Glasses (Ao3) Take Off Your Running Shoes (Ao3) ★ Take Only What You Need From Me (Ao3) Take The Shot (T) (Take You Back Where You Belong) This Could be Our Favorite Song (Ao3) ★ Take You Down (T) Taking A Shot (T) Talk Dirty When Your Talk To Me (T) ★ Tangled Up In You (You And I Collide) (Ao3) Thanks To Mrs.

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