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Some curtailment of civil liberties may be necessary to safeguard the nation, he continues: "It may well be that 10 people are having to spend a year or two in confinement in order to save 10,000 people from being murdered."Others see lurking dangers in an approach that emphasizes the president's ability to act quickly, decisively, and secretly – often at the expense of constitutional safeguards aimed at preventing abuses of power."Caution lights should be flashing here," says presidential scholar Allan Lichtman of American University in Washington."The presidency is gaining power in a way that makes it yet more remote for control by the public and by Congress."American history is filled with examples of power struggles between the executive and legislative branches.but this is probably going to go a lot longer than any war we've ever had," says Louis Fisher, a separation-of-powers expert at the Congressional Research Service.

In the larger battle for power, America's 43rd president, George W. What is different, say experts on presidential power, is that the open-ended nature of Mr.Bush's "war on terrorism" is fast creating new realities of executive power, with no firm expiration date.Some question whether the exigencies of preventing future terror attacks are fundamentally and permanently tipping the constitutional balance of power to the president's advantage."It is one thing to hold your breath for a couple of years and hope the administration isn't going to abuse its power ...We cannot bulletproof this country," says Robert F.Turner of the Center for National Security Law at the University of Virginia Law School.

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