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Your only weapon is a “beam katana”, which is essentially a light saber that runs on batteries and looks like a fluorescent light bulb.It runs out of juice every so often, so you’ll need to give it a recharge by holding down the “1” button and shaking the remote.Despite the fact that the Grasshopper logo includes the phrase “Punk’s Not Dead” on the title screen, the game’s protagonist is no punk.Travis Touchdown is about as punk as my grandma’s doll collection.

All of the menus, stats screens, and post-level wrap ups-are presented in the style of old arcade games like Galaga, and you’ll hear an assortment of bleeps, bloops, and blaps from those old games scattered throughout.” attitude soon turned into a full-souled “I love this crap! Between that earlier hallucinogen-friendly title and this latest amphetamine-friendly one, director Suda Goichi (aka “Suda 51”) and his team at Grasshopper Manufacture pumped out a couple of lackluster games based on anime licenses in order to fund these more ambitious, visionary titles.As such, No More Heroes is a labor of love or, more correctly said, a highly anticipated dump that Suda 51’s been waiting two years to take.As best as I can figure, the story goes something like this: Travis buys a “beam katana” in an online auction.Later, when he goes to buy a video game and realizes that he’s got no money, he decides to start assassinating people.

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