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Sometimes dating and flirting attempts from young Saudi males tend to go a bit overboard though.Here are some examples of my observations of the Saudi ways of dating. Tamimi supermarket seems to be a popular place to go looking for girls/boys.Some girls go driving around with their drivers putting their Bluetooth on looking for guys with nice cars.Read more details here: Boys cruising in expensive rides can try to attract girls to contact them by putting Blackberry PIN number stickers on their cars. The countries strict laws on gender segregation make sure all contact between the sexes is minimized. It would appear that there is no such thing as dating in Saudi-Arabia.Sometimes the guys can be seen hanging out of car windows waving papers with their numbers on the.

This street gets very congested with traffic in the evenings, especially on weekends.

Role playing Another tactic is pretending to be husband and wife.

The interested guy goes to the girl, grabs the cart and starts walking next to her as they were a couple.

There are no movie theaters, restaurants and cafe’s are segregated by gender and single men are denied entry into malls and even parks.

This makes dating in the western sense practically impossible, driving young men and women to meet online in forums where the virtual dating scene is flourishing.

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