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Pratt was shunned after she admitted to finding Nicola Hughes’ then boyfriend Alex Mytton attractive.

The series included the rocky relationship between Alex and Binky after a number of revelations about Alex came to light, The series concluded on 14 September 2014 after 6 episodes.

But US-born Pratt, 30, said she is still struggling to come to terms with his Essex slang and is worried he might struggle to communicate with her co-stars.

Speaking to Standard Online about the former TOWIE star she said: “He’s friends with Ollie [Locke], Binky [Felstead] and Jamie [Laing] so I would love for him to pop in for a scene. “I still have my Essex dictionary because I don’t fully understand him.

Filming for the series took place between January and May 2011, with the first full-length trailer airing 28 April 2011.

The series concluded on 21 November 2011 after 10 episodes, however an end of season party episode aired on 28 November 2011 which was hosted by Rick Edwards and featured the cast members reuniting to discuss everything from the series. The series included a rift forming between Binky and Cheska as they're forced to pick sides with Gabriella and Ollie, Spencer breaking off his brief fling with Louise to chase after Caggie again, and the breakdown of Hugo and Millie's relationship when it's announced that both have cheated on each other, leading up to Millie exposing Hugo's night with Rosie to a room full of guests.

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