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It also waits for the progress to become more than the minimum value.

If it calculates that the task will take more than 2000 milliseconds to complete, the progress dialog appears. By the simple fact that this example uses a progress monitor, it adds a feature that wasn't present in the version of the program that uses a progress bar: The user can cancel the task by clicking the Cancel button on the dialog.

Another way of indicating work is to set the wait cursor, using the Sometimes you can't immediately determine the length of a long-running task, or the task might stay stuck at the same state of completion for a long time.

The minimum and maximum values used in this program are 0 and the length of the task, which is typical of many programs and tasks.

However, a progress bar's minimum and maximum values can be any value, even negative.

If you want the timer to go off only once, you can invoke .

Note that the Swing timer's task is performed in the event dispatch thread.

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