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To this day, Wilde credits a particular casting agent she worked for with giving her some of the best advice of her career, after Wilde showed up to the office wearing a turtleneck the same day she had an audition elsewhere.

"She was like, ' A, people don't wear turtlenecks here. ' And I said, ' I'm not going to sell my body to get a role; it's about the acting.'" Wilde laughs at her own naïveté.

Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from her cover shoot with Carter Smith in Malibu.

Rushdie, 64, who hasn’t left his home without a willowy woman on his arm for the better part of a decade, is also known for writing a few books.

But lately he’s been getting a lot of ink on gossip pages, after he publicly slapped down a female companion who eagerly tweeted to the world that she had dined with the literary ladies’ man.

"He's got these incredible blue eyes, so I imagined him as a little baby Justin.

And he was able to transfer a lot of his feelings about his mom onto me," she says.

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PAGE SIX: RUSHDIE’S REVENGE FATWA No matter that she was easy on the eyes, and half his age.

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