Good places to go dating

The history of the site dates back much further: Native American burial mounds excavated (rude! Top outdoor rink picks are the rink at Campus Martius in Downtown and the rink at Clark Park in Southwest.

The BBQ pit-side karaoke should be enough to get you out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Second in romance-level to the gun range is the smell of rows upon rows and floors upon floors of old books.

As any 19-year-old Metro-Detroiter can tell you, the bright lights of Windsor offer many charms.

Great food, casinos, strip clubs -- what more do you want? But there’s a grassroots, underground spirit to our city’s own soccer team, and you have a better idea as to where your (reasonably priced) ticket money is going!

Come for the meat, grab a Bloody Mary at Vivio’s, and do your shopping for the week.

There are few places with better people-watching than Eastern Market.

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To extend the walk and the date, grab a beer or two at the Atwater Brewery tap room, not far from where the path ends.

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