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This causes Germaine to question the concept of sex and whether artistic quality or sexual streamlining is more important.Germaine breaks off her friendship with Dana due to her dislike of Dana's profession.This doesn't turn out very well, and she just gets jizzed on again.Eventually, Germaine gives in and decides to use her body as a way to make money. He apparently stayed with Anchovie for a while after getting stuck in his luggage when he immigrated from England.Later, he knocks her out with chloroform in the night and rapes her in the ass.She later finds out that he is a pizza delivery man, and on a delivery to her house, he admits to having raped her.There are even several Foamy albums that contain topical rants, squirrel songs, audio tracks from animated episodes, and unused audio tracks.

Germaine also began a relationship with one of the devil's minions, who was sent to Earth to silence those who go against Satan's law (including Germaine's math teacher).There are also a number of (terrible) fan-produced episodes circulated among various fansites on the Internet.There are also 38 topical rants, which are audio-based rants in which Foamy is talking about a particular topic.This gives her a sense of freedom and a slightly new lease on life.She then meets a woman named Dana, who she takes a liking to but later has a problem with when she finds out that Dana is a porn star/prostitute.

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However, most of the fatness goes to her butt, which wouldn't exactly deter men from raping her.

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