Fired event itemupdating which wasnt handled

That means that Share Point needs to be able to resolve the address to that endpoint.

The idea was so simple: use the App Installed event. I am going to take a pretty long path to do something that can be accomplished pretty quickly because there are a few confusing elements to this pattern: Visually, it looks like this: Once you understand this pattern, you’ll use it for all sorts of things such as activating features, creating subsites, applying themes, all kinds of stuff.

The problem, however, is that sometimes the Item Updated event receiver is called by Share Point multiple times - perhaps because saving the page, updating the metadata and changing the publishing status all individually trigger the event. Presumably, the list operations I perform happen across multiple database requests, and hence I get the classical situation where the data my code is working on is non-deterministically changed in the middle of a method call.

So the question is, is there some way to limit the Item Updated calls to the specific calls I want?

As per another answer, you could use Disable Event Firing() at the start of your event handler, and Enable Event Firing() at the end, to ensure every time data is added, it runs to completion.

I'll have to look into checking for a publishing event rather than any others, but the above solution will at least work, if a little less efficiently than otherwise Update: Found a solution that checks for publish.

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Server side code for apps isn’t installed on Share Point, but rather on your own web server, so how would you register a remote endpoint? If you aren’t familiar with remote event receivers, go check out the Developer training for Office, Share Point, Project, Visio, and Access Services which includes a module on remote event receivers.

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