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She started taking phone calls on her personal mobile phone about work on her day off and before or after her shifts started.If she needed to go the doctors or dentists she would leave it a matter of weeks until her work schedule allowed it.Before she took the new job, which was her existing role in a different store, we talked about it, I said "are you sure you want to do it, becuase you already work long hours in a smaller store", she said "yes, I want a new challenge" - she worked 12 hour days in this existing job - scheduled to work 8.In her new job she worked 12 hour days (even though she was scheduled to work 8) more for travelling.I said that obviously sex should a compromise – we had been having a lot less sex anyway, because she was always exhausted.Then over the next 3 months, she got more exhausted.

and said she just wanted a week to herself to get her head right at work, she said really she felt she needed time off sick from work, but didn’t want to take it.

She told me after that I had said it and approached it in a really nice way.

A few nights later she wanted to talk again, & said that she’d been thinking and:- i) She would rather know now, if I didn’t want to go out with someone who worked shifts.

She worked as a store manager and always worked hard and quite long hours, but we still had a great relationship for the first half of the relationship.

Then the second half of the relationship she got another job at a much larger store further away with more responsibility and lots of stress.

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to work extremely hard, potentially make yourself ill), then I couldn’t see it working between us – I said it over the phone as well. I totally regret dealing with it like this - and told her this after as well. It was definitely, the way she was wired - addicted to the drug of work.

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