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Sometime between then and the time I got into the dating game, in the early '70s, this all changed dramatically.By 1972 or so, if you went on more than one date with a person, it was assumed to be exclusive.There wasn't much in the way of ring exchange in my circle of friends. And today, as far as I can tell from my kids, "dating" has more or less disappeared. Superficially, the difference between my daughter going out with someone she is interested in vs someone who is just a friend is vanishingly small.With the obvious disclaimer that I'm not there and I don't know your kids, I think you're misunderstanding what your kids do.I think those formal definitions of relationships were part of the progression of things from old-fashioned "courting," which seems to have had fairly well understood rules and protocols, from back in the days when girls were property and closely guarded by their families.As attitudes relaxed and women became people, more rules and definitions were created to describe whatever was customary then." When a coouple decided their relationship had become serious enough to become exclusive, they were said to be "going steady".Going steady was considered a desirable condition, and most teenage girls desperately wanted to achieve this status.

Like I said, we know very well who she is interested in and who she isn't.

As a commentator in the other thread noted, some parents would discourage daughters from going steady, preferring that they continue to date around.

While some steady couples did go on to a sexual relationship, this was by no means the norm in the '50s.

In this thread on dating site etiquette, I posed the question, "When did the distinction between "dating" and "going steady" disappear?

" This question seems worthy of its own thread, so here goes: Back in the '50s, "dating" was not exclusive - in TV and movies from the period, you frequently see Betty Sue tell Wally she can't go out with him this weekend, because she has a date with Ricky, "but I'm free next weekend!

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