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Fans were furious that Wesley was being paired with Kenny, and not Keaton (whose attendance is still under question, as of writing).

The two went head to head last night, after Simon’s group, Emblem3, took the stage in what Demi considered to be another “predictable” performance! Lovato also implied that Simon was doing a bad job with how he was handling the group, to which he didn’t take very well!

Others suggest Keaton might have left Wes, instead.

Others targeted Kenny Holland, “Thanks for ruining Emblem3’s life, idiot!

The actor (and singer apparently) uploaded a video of himself rocking a blazer and strumming along to the tune on his guitar. Throwback holiday Bieber vibes,” he captioned the Instagram clip.

Ft my colorful flashing Christmas tree / nifty new apple ear pods … ” Meanwhile, the Emblem3 singer shared a video of his catchy cover on his You Tube channel.

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Could we be hearing Emblem3 croon a song like “Doin’ Time” next week? “You could play Sublime and the whole West Coast would be on fire but Middle America and the East Coast would be like, what? I heard it once in a bar in Canada.” STORY: Confessions of an ' X Factor' Virgin However, they aren’t opposed to audience input. Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see Emblem3 do next week (Sugar Ray?

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