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At one point in the speech, captured by a videographer for ," he said with a smile, using the term the Nazis deployed against their media critics."It's not just that they are leftists and cucks, it's not just that many are genuinely stupid."You're right, and I'm deleting my account out of shame." Conservative pundit and Trump critic Erick Erickson soon weighed in, tweeting that he had read about cuckservatism in the white nationalist The attacks may have seemed like just a fleeting, perverse twist on RINO ("Republican in name only"), but in fact they were something far more ominous—the stirrings of a loosely knit extremist movement soon more widely known as the "alt-right." Thanks to Trump's demagogic campaign—throughout which he would circulate bigoted memes to his millions of Twitter followers—the alt-right now had an opportunity to inject racism, misogyny, and xenophobia into mainstream American politics.Provocative but obscure online rhetoric was quickly morphing into something more serious and powerful: the normalization of the politics of hate.Among 10,000 Trump supporters sampled by an analytics firm in October, more than a third followed at least one white nationalist Twitter account.Some far-right figures see a burgeoning online presence as key to moving the "Overton window"—changing the range of acceptable rhetoric and behavior by pushing its edges out to greater extremes."Trump not only won the support of these people, but he kind of institutionalized them." Racism as a tactic is nothing new to the modern Republican Party, dating back to Richard Nixon's Southern strategy, which appealed to white voters embittered by the civil rights movement.Yet mainstream conservatism mostly kept bigotry in the shadows until 2009, when the inauguration of the nation's first black president prompted the tea partiers to paint Obama as un-American.

"I want to congratulate [the] guy who keeps calling me a 'cuckservative'—you win, dude," Blehar tweeted sarcastically.

Normally a candidate for the US presidency would denounce such figures.

Instead, Trump retweeted bigoted accounts and memes, including an image of himself as Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character the alt-right commandeered as its mascot.

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