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The day is known for the giving of gifts like candy and flowers celebrating tokens of affection, as well as dinners out and in general a celebration of love. Well the religious aspects began in 500AD when the Pope established the day in honor of Saint Valentine a Christian martyr.

This was later removed by another Pope in 1969 but the holiday is still permitted to be observed.

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What You'll Find On This Page: Vintage Valentine Postcards Vintage Valentine Cards Create Your Own Vintage Looking Valentines Books On Collecting Vintage Postcards Also The History Of Valentine's Day Tips For Beginning Vintage Postcard Collecting How I Got Started Collecting Vintage Valentines and Postcards Care & Storage Ideas For Your Vintage Postcard Collection Well I've always loved vintage artwork.

It has been linked with pagan fertility ceremonies as well as sacrificial rituals.

Fortunately the modern day expression of this day are far more gentle and expressive of love.

The great thing about collecting vintage postcards is they take up very little space and are usually quite easy and relatively cheap to add them to your collection.

Valentine's are such a happy kind of collectible postcard.

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