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Only then will she be able to turn her life around, and thus begin to let go of the anger and frustration she had carried before.She will now be in a position to proactively guide her dating life in a manner that will finally allow her to experience true love and romance---the kind that has purpose, meaning, and staying power.On an intuitive level, this essence is still alive today.

Thus, having experienced disappointment in dating for the umpteenth time, many women carry around a perpetual cloud of frustration and anger. Male gatherer guy does not have the inclination or the stamina for true romance women crave.

Many women are confused and frustrated about men and dating...they don’t know why.

Here is my take on this malaise: At one time, men were the hunters and women were the gatherers.

Anyway, he told me that he had lived in a commune and that he really enjoyed his life.

He talked about how fun it was to get naked and paint women's bodies. He went on to say that the only disagreeable aspect of commune life was that the women were, "Really messed up." I guess so.

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What they didn't realize is that most men are more than happy to accept the "No Strings Attached" philosophy of "free love." His philosophy goes something like this: "If we live together, I will enjoy the convenience of having a quasi-wife, but without any messy responsibilities or financial risk." The male gatherer is into low stress relationships. " Meanwhile, he takes pleasure in having sex on a regular basis.

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