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First of all, the passage is definitely not discussing dating, as "dating" did not even exist in the first century.It is also not talking about marriage specifically.Paul is stating a principle rather than a rule in 2 Corinthians . However, I believe it is a legitimate application of the principle to say that a Christian ought not to be involved in romantic or physical relationships with non-believers.If marriage is not a good example of being "unequally yoked," I do not know what is.

But Paul was so anxious for news of how the Corinthians had responded to the “severe letter” that he could not minister there though the Lord had opened the door (; cf. Wise enough to know that some rebellious attitudes still smoldered under the surface, and could erupt again, Paul wrote (possibly from Philippi, cf. ; also, some early manuscripts list Philippi as the place of writing) the Corinthians the letter called 2 Corinthians.8, 9), and confront the false apostles head on (chaps. He then went to Corinth, as he had written (; 13:1, 2).The Corinthians’ participation in the Jerusalem offering (Rom. Planning to remain at Ephesus a little longer (1 Cor. To create the platform to teach their false gospel, they began by assaulting the character of Paul. After leaving Corinth, Paul heard of immorality in the Corinthian church and wrote a letter (since lost) to confront that sin, referred to in 1 Cor. During his ministry in Ephesus, he received further reports of trouble in the Corinthian church in the form of divisions among them (1 Cor. In addition, the Corinthians wrote Paul a letter (1 Cor. Paul responded by writing the letter known as 1 Corinthians. Disturbing news reached the apostle (possibly from Timothy) of further difficulties at Corinth, including the arrival of self-styled false apostles.

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