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Please know that there are others who care deeply about Freedom - including yours.

( Thank you Aisha Saif and Nyeemah for breathing some logic and truth into the leftist PC-crazy comments here.

I believe real ' Islamophobia' is fear of violence and being put on the 'bad' list of Muslim organizations that engage in their own form of very real bullying.

So, no Muslms didn't pull Europe out of the Dark Ages, it was modern Science and the Enlightenment - and Islam is antithetical to the Enlightenment.

There is nothing in the Quran about calculus, plastic, antibiotics, germ theory of disease, jet propulsion, super novae, etc.

One would think if Mohamed was talking to the creator of the universe that he would at least learn enough to keep his sewage water away from his drinking water - but alas, such was not the case.

Which is why chauvinist men who want to impose Islamic gender apartheid on their daughters and wives are trying to pull us back into a backward dark world.

Btw, sublime619 when are you going to wear the veil?

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