Dating a girl from a broken home

My book, takes women step by step through breaking the cycle.The starting point is to realize that your identity is the root of the problem, that you see yourself as someone who has dysfunctional relationships and doesn’t know how to be attracted to and sustain a relationship with her equal.So, you might ask, what does the rescuer do and feel in her relationships?

She loves gifts, bouquets, cards or pampering of any kind. She finds fault with all that you have done and have no appreciation for anything you have done till now.

What I've found with many years of clinical experience is that a simple model can be used to help people change significant problems: Insight Behavior Change = Identity Change.

Accordingly, the way to change this dysfunctional relationship pattern is to first gain insight into how and why you feel the need to rescue wounded souls, and then engage in a series of new behaviors which will lead to a changed identity in your relationships.

Now that I have realized I am codependent, stopped portraying my childhood as ideal, and accepted who I have become, I have dove into relative literature.

I'm treating myself as if I were and addict and am now going through the withdrawal of my relationship.

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When she commits, she is fiercely loyal and she will die trying to help him realize his true potential.

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