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“Now we know why he was so vehemently opposed to slavery. His mother, a poor white farmer’s wife had slept with a black slave and somehow concealed this fact from her husband.

It’s almost like something you would see on Jerry Springer or Maury,” a reporter from the Fox News Network said.

The intention of Abraham Singles is to facilitate joyous meetings of those who appreciate the teachings of Abraham-Hicks.

So, for some reason, word must have spread that African men like fat women. Is this really the reason why so many fat white women end up with African men? Is it easier for papers to be acquired from a fat white woman than a thin one? I have met a couple of these women and it amazed me how easily they accepted love. However, do I really blame them for accepting love where they find it? Its very environment exudes slenderness and sexiness. Hence, he might actually really be attracted to a fat white woman than a thin white woman. But now, let us look at one aspect that bothers me.... So, Nigerian men like their wives looking nice and trim. When he married her, she was young and fit and now..look at her! They have wives, girlfriends, mistresses, every one younger than the one before them.

Including the enormously huge woman sitting on the other side.

The only time I had seen such huge people have been on documentaries about the obesity epidemic in the States. Example number 3I was invited quite recently to go to a reggae club with workmates. In my opinion, fat white women have got it all wrong.

Anyway, this really huge woman began to talk to the little girl's mum(that whole conversation is a post on its own but here, it will just be a summary). I am never one to judge a person's body..this woman, it was impossible not to be amazed. I had not been in one for ages and so a night of only reggae music sounded quite lovely. African men, do not necessarily prefer a fat white woman over the average white woman. S: Feel free to fill in any gaps you think I might have missed.

She said she had threee kids herself and that their "fathers" were from West Africa...well, two were from W. And then, lo and behold, she says "I can only go out with foriegners, they are the only ones that will have me. We arrived at the club around 12 or so, and still, it seemed we had arrived quite early. I can not be bothered with the details at this point. Who does not want a man to look at you and say "you are beautiful"? However, due to circumstances, they are forced to take the fat woman over many others for all sorts of reasons....

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