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Cathryn Lafayette, a local resident who owned the dogs and offered the job to Archer in exchange for funding his education.

“Our agreement was if I pay the tuition [for his GED] then he would pay half by working here at my home or whatever I had for him to do,” Lafayette told the station.

She may look irritable sometimes, but her sweet disposition has made her a favorite among keepers. This 350-pound silverback is a terrific father who has sired 12 gorillas at Zoo Atlanta.

Shamba likes to experiment with sticks, and she almost always carries one inside with her at night – usually in her mouth! Ozzie dislikes loud music and he communicates with his keepers using “reply” vocalizations and a series of characteristic raps on doors or windows. Now a great-great grandmother, Choomba is the matriarch of five gorilla generations here at the zoo.

One numskull actually Tweeted this to me Sunday night: Really? Then there was his father’s attempt to pimp young Cam’s services to the highest bidder in the SEC. It’s why Falcons fans will tell you the 2015 season had two highlights: 1) The 5-0 start; 2) Handing Carolina its only defeat in the 15th game.

(Cecil Newton reportedly told Mississippi State boosters it would take “more than a scholarship” for Newton to enroll there and we heard stories of six-figure demands.) Newton wound up at Auburn. But if the Panthers’ words or antics get you that fired up, there’s probably also a bit of envy there.

This dominant female so loves babies that she was once notorious for kidnapping, cuddling, and carrying other gorilla mothers’ infants.

Though initially skeptical of the claims, she was convinced when authorities showed her video evidence.“And it showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog.He was on his knees like he was a dog,” she told the station.No evidence ever was uncovered that he or his father received cash. Every Falcons fan thought it was charming back in the days of Billy “White Shoes” Johnson’s dance. As in, “I wish that was my team.” Want to shut up the Panthers? This all led to a messy handling of the case by the NCAA (shocker! The NCAA suspended Newton on a Tuesday, and for only a Tuesday — Nov. (Nice teeth, though.) But those same soccer moms wouldn’t have a problem if one of their team’s players did all that. If you don’t like what Newton does, don’t let him get into the end zone.

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