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Thursday, December 22 We reached two big milestones today that I am so excited to share with everyone.Xi Lun crawled out of the nest box for the first time this morning!The girls got to spend their morning hanging out in some new digs (aka the dayroom).I would have to say that they were probably thinking, Wow, this place is huge!These toys are only for the cubs because they are small, and Lun Lun would likely destroy them within seconds.I caught a cute video of Xi Lun playing with a chew toy.Now that the cubs have their full coat of fur and are both with Lun Lun full-time, we've had a lot of people ask the best way to identify which cub is which.

While there are no guarantees of seeing them just yet, lucky Zoo visitors may get a peek between a.m. But like you all, we too have Panda Cam, and don't you think we weren't checking in on her as much as possible!This means that there will no longer be a keeper in the building from around 10 p.m. This also means that there may not always be a panda visible on Panda Cam during those hours, as there will not be a keeper to move the camera.We are very excited for the Lun family's next step, and we hope you will share in that excitement with us!Today she decided that she did not want to take them into the dayrooms at all. That is why we try our If you've been watching Panda Cam during the overnight hours, you may have noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of activity going on.Lun Lun is regularly sleeping for four to six hours overnight and is still tending to the cubs when they call her.

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