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Android phones are the right OS for the discerning pervert, and everyone knows there are more perverts than puritans in this world. There’s a special kind of app store you can download for Android, though not through the official Android Market.You’ve got to browse through the seedier territory of the web to find it.

It’s free to download and free to view profiles which show a video loop of the girls which is surprisingly lag-free.

i Phones carry the Jobsian puritan ethic – no bikinis and especially what’s underneath them.

What if a child sees [and not, by the way, what if a child is working for you at a Shenzhen plant]!?

While the world of apps at large might be entering into toddlerhood, dating apps are still infants in a lot of ways, battling browser-based originals including e Harmony,, and more obviously for the millennial set, Ok Cupid.

Grinder and Tinder both made it big, but — especially in the latter case — it seems like only a matter of months before the My Space curse sets in and relevancy is bullied out by mockery.

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